Montoring Kemp Loadmaster Loadbalancers with Nagios

A couple months ago we got two KEMP Loadbalancers for testing purposes. While I was looking for scripts to monitor them, I found a new script from Thomas Dohl in the nagios exchange. He developed a script for Kemp´s Loadmaster 2200 series which gives you the following informations:

  • Availability of real servers
  • Availability of virtual services
  • Load-1min, Load-5min and Load-15min as performance data
  • Uptime
  • And the script runtime as performance data

Also there´s an option to exclude services/real servers, if you don´t want to monitor them.

Unfortunately I ran into errors when I was testing the script and wrote an E-mail to Thomas. It seemed that some SNMP OIDs were different – even though we both were using the same Loadbalancers with the same firmware revision. Thomas finally fixed problems and the script works like a charm (Thanks again!). The script was tested on a Kemp Loadmaster 2200 with Firmware revision 5.1-74a.

All Information about the project can be found on Thomas´ site:


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