NConf Issues found

Short update on the NConf release. It seems that there are smaller bugs. I had the following problems:

  • Generating Configs only works with Firefox 8.0.1 – Errors with IE 8 for me.
  • the new implemented Deployment doesn´t work for me (another guy report the same problem on the NConf forums). There are errors in the appache error_log.

EDIT: I got the deployment module running –> watch my newer post!


About sitweak
Monitoring, Network, Firewall, Mobile Security. I´m totally into that stuff!

2 Responses to NConf Issues found

  1. Hey there.
    Yes we will support in a first level the newest browsers, because we do it in our free time its hard to develop for everything… But I will definitely have a look if there is some time!
    Regarding the Deployment, I think its just a problem on your setup, permissions could be tricky but thats not related to NConf itself, so this is not a bug… just to clear that for other users. Regards NConf Team

  2. sitweak says:

    The problem with the deployment is allready solved (see my newer post)! I didn´t want to complain about it! You guys are doing great work – there´s really no need to support old browsers 🙂

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