Enhancing the battery lifetime of a LG Optimus Speed P990

I really hate when the battery of my mobile dies. In my opinion a mobile should at least work for full 24 hours – when it´s fully used. Here I wanna share my personal experiences in optimizing the energy comsumption of a LG Optimus Speed P990. Beware: To apply these modifications your device needs to be rooted. These recommendations are for users which are experienced in modifying android phones.

I am not responsible for bricking/destroying your phone.

1)    Check your RIL and Baseband combination! At the moment I am using Baseband 1035.21_20110622 with RIL 0622 (V10c, Europe Open). RILs can be switched with the program GetRIL from the Android market  – Basebands need to be flashed separately (check the xda developer forums under http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=1002)

2)    Flash yourself a nice kernel. These can also be found in the above stated xda-developer forums. Watch out: You need to find a matching kernel/rom pair. Currently I am using the SwiftExtreme kernel.

3)    Install an App to control your CPU such as SetCPU or PimpMyCpu (shipped with the Swift Extreme Kernel). I had good experiences with PimpMyCpu. First of all you can set the maximum frequency of your CPU (mine runs with 916 Mhz instead of 1000). Second you can optimize the powerconsumption of each stepping. See the screenshot for my settings.

4)    The App JuiceDefender did a great job in saving energy. Especially because it disables the data connection when not needed.

Aside from these modifications you should – of course – take care when to switch on GPS or WLAN.

Before these modifications I had a runtime less than 24 hours. Now I have at least 24 hours – even with extensive usage.


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