OMD 0.52 released

OMD, the Open Monitoring Distribution has been released in version 0.52. Even though the OMD Website looks left alone, the team is still actively developing. In the history there was a 3-month release cycle on new stable updates. Besides that, you can get daily snapshots.

Release Notes for the newest update can be found here:

The update can be downloaded via http or repository. To add the repository in SuSe 11 SP1 you only have to enter the following commands:

zypper addrepo -f  
zypper search omd-

After that, you are able to install the update in the yast software management.


I did the following update procedure on my system:

1)    Create a backup of your existing configuration.

2)    Install new OMD package

3)    Stop your OMD instance with omd stop <sitename>

4)    Update the OMD instance with omd update <sitename>

5)    Copy your old plugins from  /omd/versions/0.50/lib/nagios/plugins to /omd/sites/<sitename>/lib/nagios/plugins

6)    Start omd again with omd start


Now you can access the OMD again. First look & feel is awesome. Most noticeable changes in Multisite are:

  • Full integration of WATO
  • Full integration of Aggregations
  • Changes tabs design in host view (clearly arranged)

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