On the release of a Samsung Galaxy S3 SAFE and BYOD

Yesterday I read that Samsung will release a special version of the Galaxy S3 – marked with the name SAFE. This version of the model will have extended security features like extended policies and better encryption, making it easier for companies to integrate Android devices in their security strategies. This makes sense, since the Android base system is still a little bit behind competitors (my opinion) when it comes to Enterprise Management features. However, I really don´t like the way the want to go now: Splitting up private and enterprise devices may seem consequential at first – but looking at the features implemented in the SAFE version we can see that they are only software based. No missing camera, still removable storage. It´s obvious: The Samsung Galaxy S3 SAFE is made in the marketing department – placing a premium phone with enterprise features in an ever higher price-class. Goal: completely exhaust the customer’s willingness to pay, without having a wide variety of different hardware (economics of scale).

Making a difference makes sense though: Private user won´t pay more for a phone with additional enterprise features – they buy the “private” version. Getting back to the BYOD concept we will run into some problems: Companies want to have manageable devices! They want it SAFE. User want cheap devices and they are the instance which is making the decision. Bottom line: Every CIO who is running BYOD strategy will be happy if employers bring SAFE devices.

So here´s the deal: Take your product-mix to next level: Make a modular system, offer the software extension against a fee, instead of selling two devices.  Easier marketing (you can advertise the same product) – more flexibility. This would give a company the chance to pay for what they want to have: security features. This concept is adoptable on many other features: Want extended game features? Buy the 3D extension. It´s basically the same with your provider: You don´t pay for 4G if you don´t use it.


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