Update: Check PAN Firewall´s Sessions Counters with SNMP

About a year ago I published my first ever developed plug-in for check_mk (https://sitweak.wordpress.com/2012/08/30/snmp-based-check_mk-plug-in-for-palo-alto-firewalls/). For all who missed out on that milestone in my programming carrer: It´s doing not more than fetching some sessions counters with the help of SNMP.

Even though I realized that there is not a high demand for such an plug-in (until now it has one rating on the check_mk Exchange – haha) I am still very proud that there is a piece of self-made code which is actually working. J That’s why I decided to give a small update.

Some hours ago I uploaded and version 1.0. Here´s a Changelog:


o   Two more SNMP values are being fetched
– Total number of active SSL proxy sessions
– Total number of active SSL proxy sessions.

o   Code updated
– Added a snmp_scan_function
– Added declaration according to new Check_MK API (https://mathias-kettner.de/checkmk_devel_newapi.html)

o   Added warning and critical levels (Service State is based on SNMP value of sessions utilization)
– Factory default: 80% warning level and 90% critical level. You can define your own values by editing ~/local/share/check_mk/checks/paloalto_sessions.

o Added value ‘proxied ssl sessions’ to perfdata

o   Added graph for value ‘proxied ssl sessions’
o   Cleaned PNP-Template

Plug-In Output
o   Added value for proxied SSL sessions
o   Added value for utilization of SSL proxy


This is what it looks like:


Tested on Check_MK 1.2.4


I´m looking forward to any feedback here, on twitter or check_mk Exchange!



About sitweak
Monitoring, Network, Firewall, Mobile Security. I´m totally into that stuff!

2 Responses to Update: Check PAN Firewall´s Sessions Counters with SNMP

  1. Gis says:

    I have installed the plugin . How to add this plugin to the existing host ?

    • sitweak says:

      Gis, it should show up on the auto inventory. Unfortunately, I am not working with Palo Alto firewalls and check_mk anymore. Hence, I cannot guarantee that the script is still working with current version of PANos and check_mk. Please feel free to modify the script and republish it. The code is fairly easy to modify, most likely the SNMP OIDs have changed in newer version of the PANos.

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